Police encounters a neglected child being nursed by a mongrel dog in Arica
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ARICA, CHILE – This Wednesday, the central police communication office received an incredible call. An abandoned toddler was found in awful conditions and having being nursed by a dog near the trucks weighing court of Arica city.

The cops went to the place to verify the information. They found the 2-year-old child in a very poor state of health and with clear signs of undernourishment. The baby boy was urgently moved to the closest medical center in the area, The Juan Noé Hospital.

Captain Diego Gajardo, The Chinchorro’s North Police Office Chief, explain to “La Estrella de Arica” Journal that the Police went to the place in order to verify the witnesses’ testimony.” In fact, we confirmed the information because, we saw the child sucking milk from a female dog. Then, we immediately took him to the Hospital, where he was admitted”.

The child’s mother was found under the influence of alcohol at the moment she has been notified. She is now, under judicial ban to see her son.

The case will stay under the responsibility of the Family Court. In addition, The Regional Sename’s Director (Children’s National Services), Mauricio Muñoz, pointed out: “A preparatory hearing will be called to confirm or modify the measures concerning the child’s protection. Our service juridical unit, it’s up to date with this case and it is also part of the lawsuit”.

Puedes leer la nota en español en este enlace.

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