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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet faces crisis asking her entire Cabinet to resign

Canal 13 | Agencia Uno
Canal 13 | Agencia Uno
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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced this Wednesday night that she asked all her Ministers to resign, as a way to face the deep political crisis of her Government.

“A couple of hours ago, I asked for the resignation of the whole Government Cabinet. I will take 72 hours to decide who stays and who leaves”, said during an interview with Mario Kreutzberger, a renowned Chilean TV host in Canal 13.

The President said that Chile is going through a lack of trust crisis, and the upsetting of the population is already a long-term problem.

Bachelet affirmed that she didn’t ask for the resignation before due to the series of natural disasters that affected Chile in the recent weeks. “We are facing incredibly rough situations. The Atacama floods, now the Calbuco volcano’s eruption… I mean, one cannot bring new people to learn their duties when the country is demanding close attention and consideration of the Government”.

The scandal about her son

About the Caval case that involved her son Sebastian Davalos and her daughter-in-law, Natalia Compagnon, she said: “I made some important mistakes”. Bachelet assured that she received “fragmented information” about what was going on in Santiago (since she was on vacation at the time), that keep her from having a full understanding of the situation.

“I didn’t have the strength to criticize what I should have criticized”, also indicating that she was adviced not to return from her holiday after the scandal surfaced.

“My son was unwise to attend that meeting”, said Bachelet about the reunion between Davalos and Compagnon with the owner of the Banco de Chile and billionaire, Andronico Luksic.


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