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Caval Case: Sebastian Davalos interrogation is postponed

Raúl Lorca | Agencia Uno
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Without her husband Sebastian Davalos, Natalia Compagnon will testify tomorrow Wednesday at the Regional Procurement Office in Rancagua, this regarding the investigation in order to determine the possible irregularities in the land sale and purchase done by Sociedad Caval.

As it was reported, Davalo’s lawyer’s schedule problems would be the cause why Davalos cannot testify tomorrow, so this procedure has been postponed and up until now it is unknown when it will be rescheduled.

The questionings are lead by the Prosecutor Luis Toledo, who has been in charge of different procedures, among these are the search warrant executed at Michelle Bachelet’s daughter-in-law’s residence and the seizure of computers at the Moneda, place where Davalos performed as Director of the Sociocultural Area of the Presidency.

Last Monday, Victorino Arrepol, former business advisor of Caval, testified for almost four hours. While Sergio Bustos, who sued Caval because of a Worker’s Compensation, declared today.

When Bustos arrived to the Prosecutor’s Office stated they were ‘Arrepol’s inventions’ the alleged reference about Jose Miguel Insulza referred as ‘Big Boss’, and Francisco Vidal in some e-mails, this was mentioned yesterday by Victoriano Arrepol.

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