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Instability continues at the Villarrica Volcano and the ash column continues flowing

Francisco Negroni | Agencia Uno
Francisco Negroni | Agencia Uno
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Today, the instability of Villarrica Volcano continues, and it has a continuous seismicity with a mild and sustained upward tendency, besides there have been acoustic signs related to explosions at the crater.

Juan Cayupi, deputy director of Onemi at the Araucania, stated that during this day the ask column that flows from the crater has diminished compared to yesterday’s, that was what caused Pucon’s authorities to issue an alert.

Up until then, the Sernageomin keeps the Alert as Orange, which means that probably there would be an eruption within a short time. Whereas, the Onemi keeps the alert as Yellow for the areas surrounding the Villarrica Volcano, which means that people should be on the alert regarding to any change in the Volvano.

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