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The U complicated the UC in its fight for the Clausura Tournament after thrashing it

Felipe Fredes | Agencia Uno
Felipe Fredes | Agencia Uno
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Universidad Catolica suffered a serious setback in its fight for the Clausura Tournament of First Division , after it was thrashed, 4 to 2, playing as local against Universidad de Chile in a new episode of the ‘University Classic’

The opening of the score favored the Blue Team after 34 minutes of the match began. A free kick from a little more than 22 meters done by Gustavo Canales went through the space and surprised Cerda. The tie came at the 55 minutes by means of a perfect free kick by Michael Rios, who put the ball at the right upper angle.

Everything changed quickly to the visitors’ favor thanks to a great performance by Ubilla-Canales. At 59 minutes, a centered kick at the back of the ‘Conejo’ allowed ‘Magico’ to score at the goal line that was almost deserted. And at 64, Ubilla scored after leaving behind Pulgar and finish up Cerda’s first post. Finally, Canales finished his great performance with a head score at minute 77.

Rios (the best by far at the UC) scored for the second time at the 83 minutes, closing the scoreboard.

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