Sernageomin informs that there are no conditions for a greater volcanic eruption at the Villarrica

Francisco Negroni | Agencia Uno
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This Sunday afternoon, the Firefighters at Pucon sounded that alarms as a preventive measure after the Villarrica volcano’s activity highly increased during the last hours.

This was informed by Pucon’s Mayor, Carlos Barra, to Bio Bio Temuco, who ordered the procedure.

At dawn, the volcano showed activity and today a large ash column flows from the crater.

After 14:00 p.m., strombolian explosions were heard in the crater, while the gas column rises over 400 meters heading south.

It is worth mentioning that the government organisms, Sernageomin and Onemi, maintain the alert levels. In fact, the first informed by Twitter that the activity shows no significant changes and that there are no conditions for a larger eruption.

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