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Pizarro assures that he will take over the presidency of the DC party even after the SII questioning

Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia Uno
Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia Uno
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Despite the questions against the chosen president of the DC, Jorge Pizarro, after it was known there is a possible link between his sons’ company, ‘Ventus Consulting’ and Soquimich, the senator informed today that he will take over the Party Presidency.

‘I will take over the Party Presidency once the Selection Board finished the internal selection process’, declared the parliamentarian to the Estado Nacional program, as it was informed by 24 Horas. This, after a group of the party headed by Ricardo Hormazabal announced that they will deliver a statement to the Supreme Court of the party asking that Pizarro does not take over the position while his ethics responsibilities are not clarified.

The DC Senator also defended his sons, separating them from any possible irregularity. ‘The company Ventus is a consulting company made up by very qualified professionals and, therefore, they also deserve a little respect’.

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