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“Let’s not ruin the reputation of people who might have not done anything”, Bachelet said for SQM

Pedro Cerda | Agencia UNO
Pedro Cerda | Agencia UNO
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President Michelle Bachelet returned to the Region of Atacama on Saturday morning to oversee field work carried out after the catastrophe in the area. Once there, she also talked about the bills issue that relates members of the government to SQM.

The president said: ” There are people who worked, who did their job, they offered their product and issued bills after that, like many people do, they work, and issue bills to their customers, “according to EMOL (El Mercurio online).

She was also emphatic to avoid value judgments “let the institutions work, the SII do their job, the prosecutors do their job, but do not destroy the honor of people who maybe have not done anything”.

“This people may have a perfectly good explanation, then why judge them before we really know what has happened?” The president asked.

She also said: “I feel that we are distrusting everybody, thinking that everything is wrong and that is not true. Many of these people have worked honestly, like many others”.

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