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SQM’s threat to the Moneda after a relation was revealed with Bachelet’s campaign fundraiser

Francisco Castillo | Agencia Uno
Francisco Castillo | Agencia Uno
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The scandal for the irregular political campaign finance splashed the Government, after it was revealed that there is a relation between one of the fundraisers who worked at Michelle Bachelet’s campaign, and issued some invoices to SQM.

As it was revealed this Wednesday by El Mostrador, Giorgio Martelli, a geographer, 55 years old, member of the PPD (Party for Democracy) who worked as an electoral administrator of the 2005 Presidential campaign of the current President Bachelet, and that during the Bachelet’ second presidential campaign cooperated by raising money.

Besides that, he was Eduardo Frei’s adviser during the 2009 presidential campaign, because of that he has been openly recognized as a fundraiser and he has even stated that the political campaigns are made with money, and he is against the critics that consider these kind of practices to raise money for politics as undignified.

In this case, SQM was involved with the registered society of the political operator late in 2011, it is called Business and Consultancies SpA (AyN), and this company issued some invoices to the mining company between 2011 and 2013, during the presidential campaign.

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