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Morales removes the Defense Minister after controversy arisen by humanitarian aid delivered in Chile

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Agencia Uno | AFKA
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An important change in the Bolivian government took place last Tuesday night.

And it is related to the fact that President Evo Morales ordered the Defense Minister Jorge Ledezma to be removed from his position; Ledezma was the protagonist of a controversy in Chile

Let’s remember that Ledezma was in charge of managing the transportation of humanitarian aid sent by Bolivia to our country after the rainstorms that affected the North of Chile.

However, the fact he did so wearing a jacket with a badge that says: ‘the sea belongs to Bolivia’ ended up causing a headache that the President Morales decided to ‘eradicate’ bluntly. The reason for this? Ledezma decided ‘personally’ to use this slogan, as Morales explained.

‘To apologize to the Chilean people, to apologize to Atacama Region. We never managed this humanitarian subject with political purposes’ the President said during the change of command ceremony, as it was stated by the Bolivian Newspaper El Deber in its Social Networks.

It must be said that Reymi Ferreira, former candidate for the MAS party to the town hall of Santa Cruz, is the one in charge of replacing Ledezma at the Defense Ministry.

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